we must slow ourselves down to a pace where we can comprehend our own inherent majesty.

iam alive.


i have a heartbeat, i take a deep breath, my belly grows full & extends as i inhale,

my lungs inflate, i exhale & my belly button pulls back towards by spine & my lungs empty.


i am a fundamental piece of this universe.

and so are thee, my friend.

i appreciate the magic in OUR BEING HUMAN.








every post / every teaching shared below has had in integral part in my healing / awakening to remembering journey >>>







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💎💎💎 ~ Awakening your Creator codes in your DNA ~ 🔥 Fire Letters and Key codes are stored within every cell of every human; it is the basis for the human genetic code - one can say it is these codes there is your creator genes and the ones we used to build the pyramids. These are completely accessible when we are fully activated and can go beyond 12 D to 13 D where we get full access to these Creator codes in our DNA We all have this light codes in us pre-coded two awakening. These dormant codes are awakened by light filled sacred geometric shapes, and Light Language . Sacred geometry: a way of Receiving information and energy two accelerates the Ascension Process. The Language of Light as it flows from "higher" dimension into our world team an electromagnetic inscription encoded in the geometric shapes. A direct teaching on your cellular level, overheard by your DNA. Sacred geometry, Sun Gazing, Colours, Spoken Light Language , Sung Light Language , is all Light Language that awakens your God `s codes ... We are multidimensional beings, each of which shines our unique facets. Think Light, be Light, absorb Light and you will connect with the Light that you are. Do this consciously, take time and become aware of what you are doing, meditate on it many times during each day. See Light radiating out from you, see your whole body lose its dense form and become transparent and filled with Light, feel yourself able to walk on air in a weightless state. Do all this consciously, dwell on it, concentrate on it, visualise it. Close your eyes and see yourself as a Being of Light. See yourself able to project yourself wherever you will. See that distance and time are as nothing, that you are not limited in any way whatsoever. Feel the freedom of the Spirit. You are becoming crystalline through the infusion of light in your DNA. Shine like the multi-facets diamond YOU are. As facets of ALL, we are powerful multidimensional creators and through our focus and intent we can access energy from any dimension. You can reclaim your brilliance and merge with your highest frequencies. Invoke your highest aspect and interact with All of your being... 💥💥💥👇

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Open your heart and look deep within your soul
See the beauty, the purity, the love… Feel the essence that was hidden for so long
Breathe the life of conscious breath through your every cell

Close your eyes and just BE in the energy
Hear the sounds of the entire Universe and life about
Feel the love, the peace, the magic as you REMEMBER again
Hold the Light of Source fully from within
Expand your energy out
Allow it just to flow
Allow it to emanate out
To touch all as one again

Open your heart more
Feel your whole chest wall swell
Breathe this divine essence love through your every cell

Allow cellular cleansing that occur with soft and subtle silent tears
Release any old programming that was hidden deep within
Fill every particle of you with Sacred Divine Light
That diminished when you fell asleep and to exist beneath the veils
As you open your heart and mind
And allow your light energy to flow from the inside out
The amnesia that once kept you asleep diminishes
As gravity goes you ascend back into the higher realms

Your whole reality will completely change
As beauty, vibrance and magic fill your NEW Earth World
Always hidden in plain site
It was never gone
Just invisible vibrationally in a dimension you could not yet see
Yet as you allow for separation consciousness to fall away
Your vision of all dimensions is restored
Through unification and Embodiment of your aspects
For the vibration of their energy merges with yours here

This merging changes your DNA and genetic coding
Your body starts to reconfigure and transform
Photonic light obliterates your old existence
To be replaced by a Waking Lucid Dream
These lucid dreams once only accessible before in your sleep
Start arriving in your waking state
Magically to show you how your higher consciousness existence is

Each activation will challenge your mind to stretch
For to our human aspects this is bizarre
Yet the more you experience this in your waking state

💎You forgot the magic as you slumbered
In a body that was asleep
As your soul went dormant
You had no idea that “human” was an illusion keeping you asleep
That there were a multitude of unlimited dimensions
Full of abundance, bliss, magic and magnificence you could not see
Just waiting for you, floating around in your energy field
And every time your heart opened
You activated the codes, geometric equations and sequences
Everytime you maintained consciousness
You anchored these in
Every time you stood as a Higher Self Aspect
You were Embodying Your Self AS A MASTER AGAIN

Again, because you are already a MASTER LIGHT BEING
That went to sleep as you fell
Now that you are rising in vibrations
You are transforming physically back into Light again

Density releases every time you let go
Of that which you held onto before
Every time you focus on the light
You activate your new realities to arrive (materialize) for you here

Your projection, your transmission, your focus from your heart
Christed Consciousness means your mind has synchronized
And your heart and mind work as one
In tandem with your physical body consciousness
You no longer separate off
You no longer allow unconsciousness
To exist within you or your immediate physical reality world
For what you allow
Affects your own field of consciousness
And (cap)abilities to stay awake
What you cater to, put your energy into, feed, support, invest in
This becomes your physical reality world

You can vibrate completely out of the old dimensions
If you truly desire
You are the one that must commit
And transform all into Light
So close your eyes and connect
See what you could not see before
See what you didn’t want to know or hear
And then open fully up
Know that all is already in alignment and ready to come forth
As you open up to be receptive
And listen for your truth
As you FEEL your truth
Through the pristine purity of your heart
That inner knowing is your guide
Your Higher Self You emerging deep from within your Core

💎Open your heart and mind to the beauty
So that your eyes can finally see
What was invisible before
Becomes visible as you become fully conscious again.I love you. ♥
✨Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder and Guardian of NEW Earth, Light Embodiment Guide
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