We are all a vital part borne of the electrical universal system. No separation exists except for the dull illusion of such that has been fed to us by culture/society/primary care giver’s brains/ancestral dna coding. We have come to plug into and develop our own unique signal.

Your purpose is strong. It is up to you decide what that looks like for thee. All thought / inspiration / creative upswing … Where does this come from? Do you ever stop to consider how you are even able to emotionally process what you see/hear/touch/smell/taste??

We are a magical wonder. Truly. I see this every day in more and more clarity as an rmt. Our soft tissues & fascia is a vast water mass, almost 75% worth, the ultimate electrical conductor. Sensory input relays instantaneously to illicit a response from the brain. This is our energetic life!

E-motion is just that : energy in motion. Conscious of the minds eye, we look further into self and discover the child inside that still wants to explore the world, the higher self/intuition that beats like a silent drum inside the heart’s center, and the beauty ego brain that must be respected and taught new reference points in order to be free. Everyday new awareness is your greatest gift you can give yourself. Where will you draw light from on this day? Where will you direct your vibe? Oneness is inherent in thee.

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